The language of fashion

The owner worked in the property management world, she quickly realized a difference in the response that she was getting from her prospects depending on the styles that she was wearing. She would get compliments for certain colors, certain brands and the way she would coordinate. That really boosted her confidence and attracted a more positive outcome in her sales. She continued to make an effort towards stepping up her fashion game. Eventually, she saw a big change in her attitude and also in the way people approached her. From that day on, she became more aware of the power of fashion and became dedicated to helping women feel more confident and sexy in their on sense of style. Expressing ourselves through fashion is entering a room and speaking without saying a word, flirting without making eye contacts, and still flowing even after you've already sat down. She has mastered the language of fashion by tapping into her own artistic emotions. She believes that what we use to cover ourselves should inspire us to discover our true selves. She was fearless in her fashion, as a result, she realized her true calling, and now she is env'd in her fashion. Her goal is use her brand to help women feel fearless and daring. 

Dare to be Env'd.